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A Little About Abby!

Friends and Neighbors,

As many of you will learn, I’ve spent over 25 years dedicating my time and volunteering countless hours of service to this great city of ours. I’m so proud to call Longwood my home. I’ve always loved being involved in the betterment of our community, and it brings me great joy to know I’ve made a difference. Many people have asked me why I’ve chosen to run for city commission. Why now? The answer is the same as its always been. I have not chosen to run simply to shake up the establishment, but to provide a new voice. A voice I believe Longwood is desperate for.


My promise is to be fair and equitable, in everything I do and in every vote I cast. I promise to remain beholden to the taxpayer, and fight against the “pay for play” culture that creeps into government over time. For this reason I will always remain a staunch proponent of term limits.

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Public Safety

What sets me apart from the opposition is that I believe we should demand the best. That means we should not be a training ground for the rest of the county. When Seminole County and Orlando come here to recruit our most valuable and talented law enforcement officers, fire fighters and equipment operators, we should demand that the city provide a competitive wage.

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The current condition of Longwood’s infrastructure is substandard. This is in no way due to a lack of effort from Longwood’s dedicated employees, but rather decades of mismanagement by our elected officials. Infrastructure and public safety are one in the same, and when I go to city hall to represent District 1, I will prioritize them both equally.

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On behalf of the Longwood Professional Fire Fighters Local 3163 this is our letter of endorsement for you consideration to be a Commissioner of the City of Longwood.

Professional Fire Fighters Local 3163

It is my pleasure to advise you after vetting you and your opponent in the forthcoming November 2017 the men and women of the Longwood Police Department, who the Teamsters, Local 385, proudly represent want to endorse you as the next Commissioner representing District 1 of the City of Longwood.

Longwood Police Officers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

I have had conversations with you and I endorse you in running for Longwood Commissioner.

Deputy Mayor Brian Sackett
Longwood City Commission, District 5


I have personally known Abby Shoemaker for more than a decade, but I’ve know of her civic involvement for much longer.

If you’ve been to a Longwood event within the last twenty years, then you more than likely have seen Abby volunteering for the city… from the children’s Booville area of The Longwood Haunt and National Night Out, to the annual Arts and Crafts Festival and the Parks and Recreation Board, just to name a few.

On a personal note, it was Abby’s late husband Keith Shoemaker, a long-time Public Works employee within the city, who initially inspired me to better serve our community by running for the Longwood City Commission.
So this is more than just an endorsement of Abby Shoemaker as a candidate, but is also an endorsement of her character. It’s a rare thing to meet someone as honest and trustworthy as Abby Shoemaker, which is why I have full confidence in her promise to be fair and equitable in all of her decision making as a public servant.

I am proud to endorse Abby Shoemaker for Longwood City Commission, District 1.

Ben Paris
Longwood City Commission, District 3

I am pleased to announce that I am endorsing Mrs. Abby Shoemaker for Longwood Commission District 1. After reviewing what I personally knew about the candidates and meeting both I came to my decision as I explain in my letter of endorsement below:

Mrs. Shoemaker, As a longtime resident, teacher, and elected official in Central Florida, I am pleased to offer you my endorsement for Longwood City Commission District 1.

As a result of meeting you and your response to my written questions I discovered you are duly suited and prepared to serve the city of Longwood. As an active longtime resident of Longwood you have not only seen the city grow and change but you’ve been involved in the city because you care about its future. You and your husband have been active members of this community that have stepped up and lent a hand without being asked or expecting anything in return. You’ve outlined an understanding to work with and not against residents and local business owners to improve sections of the city both economically and aesthetically. Your focus and agenda clear: help the city you know and love move forward.

It is with these reasons in mind that I am proud to offer you my endorsement. I wish you luck and Godspeed in your up-coming election.

Sincerely, Ed Young, M.Ed SSWCD Treasurer & Group 4 Supervisor